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Remarkable web based digital video security surveillance (DVR) allows you to view your business or home from any location!

Security today is now more important than ever before. Reliable solutions are no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses and homes alike.

Before choosing a security system, consider how it will be delivered, installed, and what additional parts or services you will have to buy and keep buying to make it work.

The iLinkEye Surveillance system comes complete and ready for immediate operation. The system works over ordinary telephone lines or over broadband service and has amazing capabilities that far exceed traditional video with features like auto-motion detection with an alert send out to cell phone or pager!

Be totally prepared this holiday season...
Here are the facts:

- The national average lost
  per shoplifing incident
- Shoplifting accounts for
  over 35 percent of what

  you lose each year.
- US retailers lose an
  average of about $8 billion

  per year to dishonest
- Every day, businesses lose $70 million to theft.
- Employees steal, on average $919 annually from their
- Internal theft costs American businesses more than $60
  billion each year.
- Your employees are 15 times more likely to steal from you
  than your customers.
- Dishonest employees steal approximately 8.6 times the
  amount stolen by shoplifters.

Source:  U.S. Crime Statistics




Donít get caught with your guard down...
Get instant results to see whatís happening at:
- Cash Registers
- Back Doors

- Supply Rooms
- Kitchens
- Sales Counters
- Offices (On and Off hours)
- Home
- Baby sitters
- Elderly Care

Perfect for:
- Retail
- Shops
- Night Clubs / Bars
- Warehouses
- Residential

Full Surveillance System
Everything you need to record and view
on or off location!



Avoid getting locked into expensive surveillance contracts, high installation costs and monthly fees.
 Avoid confusion of trying to select from the myriad of security products on your own.
 Works with existing systems also.

Ordering is easy!
call or email us to schedule an
 Installation is normally completed under
   a few hours and will not disrupt your
   normal operating.

Monthly monitoring and maintenance plans available.
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Find out why this system is better than video

System is complete and full featured
No headaches or confusion figuring out whatís right for your needs

Highly configurable
and can be used with existing systems for added security

Highly reliable

Compare with other systems

See our FAQs page

System Includes:
- Complete Intel P4 System
- 120 GB Hard Drive / 256 MB RAM
- 17Ē Color Flat CRT Monitor
- Four Digital Color Dome Cameras for choice
- Surveillance Recording Software
- Windows XP Professional w/ CD & Lic.
- Four 65ft Ready Cables & connectors
- 1 Year Warranty
- Maintenance Plans Available

- View store, office, or home activity  
  remotely from any location
- No Monthly Service Fees
- Easy-to-use System
- Back View Online up to 3 Months
- Highly Configurable
- Record and backup all captured activity
- Video, CDR, DVD compatible

Special Introductory Offer!
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Hereís what our customers are saying...

This is the best thing I couldíve done to see whatís really happening at my store  while Iím away.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

Greg, Pro Image

We are thrilled to be able to dial-in and see our back docking bay. It was one of our most vulnerable areas of product loss.

Sam H.,
Dolloar Store Wholesale

We installed an unobtrusive camera above our cash register. We now see a clear difference in monthly revenues.

Burt C,
Philly Connection

I do a lot of traveling... There is an alarm on the house where police are notified if an intruder is detected. But now I have an added peace of mind to know that I can simply dial-in and see the interior of my house. It was well worth the investment. Iím glad you found me.

H. Harrison, Consultant

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"We integrate tomorrow's technology.....
with your business today!"


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